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With its expertise Apia is able to meet all food industry demands: multiple-feed packaging machine for a cheese factory, production lines from silos in biscuit making, return of the big bag in confectionery, mixture loading on the premises of an IFP manufacturer, etc.
The Apia teams, made up of professionals who are in constant contact with the reality of your trades, have a perfect understanding of your requirements and will meet them simply and responsively.
As a long-term partner of your company, Apia makes its skills and technical assistance available to you so that you can confirm your choices and safeguard your investments with complete peace of mind.
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APIA Transitube system

APIA Technologie designs and produces powder dosing installations for the food industry.
Our technology is based on the TRANSITUBE system. A coil of reinforced stainless steel rotates in a tube driven by a motor.
This flexible screw can be positioned around obstacles allowing saving space and arrangement.

Feeding of a powder mixer with rice flour from a big bag for the manufacture of rice cakes for spring rolls.

Solutions & technology for the Food Industry
- Sieve feed